Do you remember Ravenwood Fair?


On October 19, 2010, Ravenwood Fair was launched on Facebook. It was my first social game and I was very excited to see the response not just from the social game players on Facebook, but from traditional players and press. The experiment was to see if traditional game design values could translate into a social game and be enjoyed by traditional PC gamers as well as the new Facebook social gamer crowd.

The result was incredible. Within 6 months of launch, Ravenwood Fair garnered 25 million players around the world, on multiple social networks. Facebook was responsible for over 11 million of those players.

The ride lasted almost 3 years. 6waves, the parent company of Lolapps, shut down Ravenwood Fair because the playerbase was so small. Why? The game was moved to a third-party studio for "sunsetting" in 2012 and quality took a major dive. Ravenwood lost millions of players, then lost its life.

Here I am going to share with you the stories and behind-the-scenes details of this game that so many players loved.